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Reclaim the Cities

  • Reclaim the Streets--England

  • Reclaim the Streets Links to European and other groups around the world.

  • CarsSuck! Right of Way, NYC home page They've got the right idea, dontcha think? Check it out!

  • Alliance for a Paving Moratorium publishers of Auto-Free Times
  • Car Busters
  • Road Raging: Top Tips for Wrecking Roadbuilding
  • The Coming Global Oil Crisis
  • Environmental Letters, Articles, and Book Reviews This collection represents the writing of Michael J. Vandeman, Ph.D. with regard to the pressing environmental issues of today. He has a persistent clarity of vision of a future where humans transform their greed into a profound respect for nature. Wildlife Need Habitat Off-Limits To Humans! We need Auto-free Cities!
  • McSpotlight--McDonalds boycott site

  • Greenpeace International True Food campaign: The True Food campaign aims to ban GM food, phase-out industrial farming, and promote organic food. This website will tell you about the issues and how to get involved in the campaign - not just in terms of the food you buy, but through action to set a proper agricultural agenda.

  • Food Not Bombs

  • Stop Outer Beltway! The State of Maryland's proposed Interstate 370, also known as the Inter County Connector, is part of an effort to piecemeal OUTER BELTWAYS around Washington, D.C. This site includes maps of the ICC and the Outer Beltway, as well as photos of the ancient trees, wetlands, rivers and communities in the ICC's path. This site will be "under construction" until the Year 2000 global computer crash makes new highway construction impossible. If it somehow revives after the crash, future updates will describe the Supplemental and Final Environmental Impact Statements, legal challenges and other methods for blocking the ICC.
  • Tennessee Valley Energy Reform Coalition (TVERC)--TVERC is a non-profit membership coalition of 19 environmental and citizen organizations that represents more than 10,000 Tennessee Valley residents. TVERC's broad mission is to monitor and reform TVA's energy policies so that they are more responsive environmentally and economically to the needs of the citizens and ratepayers of the Tennessee Valley. Through research, education, and public participation, TVERC seeks to alert Tennessee Valley ratepayers and Congress about the impacts of TVA's power program and solutions that will counter these problems. TVERC utilizes several tools including presentations, publications, conferences, professional studies, regional activist's meetings, special interest collaboratives, and interviews with regional and national media representatives.

    From The Chattanooga Times: "TVA's plan to make bomb-grade tritium at Watts Bar and Sequoyah for the military was priced more than twice as high as TVA's other offers. That's because the federal utility would prefer that the Department of Energy help complete the unfinished Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in Alabama to make both tritium and electricity. TVA wants the military to pay more than $2.9 billion over the next 25 years to receive tritium generated from either Watts Bar or Sequoyah. By contrast, TVA estimates DOE would only have to spend $1.4 billion to finish Bellefonte and it could recoup all of that investment through its share of electricity the plant could generate."

    TVERC is battling this plan for yet another nuclear power facility in the Tennessee Valley.

  • U.S. Citizens Mandate for Climate Stabilization and Community Well Being by Andy Caffrey. Written to stimulate thinking and discussion, not as a final word on the matter. Prepared for Climate Action NOW!

  • Alternatives To Old Growth--prepared by the Rainforest Action Network

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