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Earth First! Rocks on the Radio!

  • Earth First! Radio is an hour long webcast of news, announcements, and entertainment from around the Earth First! and related environmental movements. Originating from Free Radio Santa Cruz, host Uncle Dennis serves up the latest news about treesits, road blockades and other actions, along with bulletins on the next clearcut, mining, or development disaster. Animal rights, climate change, population and other related issues are included with forest, water, biodiversity and wilderness stories gleaned from the Internet each week.

    Roving reporters for the Earth First! Radio Network, like Aeon Blues, send in field reports from the front lines and commentators, like Oak, contribute views from the spectrum of opinion within the movement. Musicians and poets provide a break for the activist on the frontlines. As always, EF! Radio provides the names, addresses, email, websites, and phone numbers so that folks can do something about the destruction before things get worse.

    Earth First! Radio is provided in MP3 format so that listeners can download the programs easily or listen online. (All the software utilities required have links available on the site.) Local radio stations in a number of areas are rebroadcasting EF! Radio and any non-commercial station is welcome to do so. Activists are encouraged to send any news or announcements to Earth First! Radio, POB 344, Santa Cruz, CA 95061 or cruzef@cruzio.com.

    There are also many other excellent programs on all issues available at the A-Infos Radio Project site.

  • Earth Day Every Day--The Earth Day Every Day Radio Station Project is a coalition of individuals, organizations, publications and businesses, which believes the media has a responsibility to adequately inform the public regarding current and forecasted threats to the biological integrity of the Earth. In working together to purchase a radio station in a metropolitan area of the U.S. devoted to fully integrated (socio-environmental) programming, the coalition intends to initiate positive changes within the listening area and to influence sources of mainstream media by providing a clear example of responsible ecological broadcasting.
  • A new technical primer written by Free Radio Berkeley's Stephen Dunifer on how to start your own micro-power FM radio station in your community is now available on the web in html.This material is FREE of charge, of course. A .pdf version with diagrams will also be available in the very near future. Take media into your own hands. Seize the airwaves!
  • Radio for whom?......The airwaves nominally belong to the people, but the reality is most of the media outlets worldwide are owned by a steadily smaller number of large corporations who use them to expand their wealth and power. Even the so-called "public stations" increasingly take corporate money or emulate corporate paradigms. This means communities and individuals are increasingly shut out of the process of determining what information they receive. A right of "Free Speech" that only the rich can exercise is no right at all !

    "Power concedes nothing without a demand"
    -----Frederick Douglass

    "The FCC can kiss my Bill of Rights"
    ----Stephen Dunifer

    In November 1998 Free Radio activists engaged in a non-stop broadcast from atop a redwood tree in a park in Berkeley, CA, to protest the shutdown of Free Radio Berkeley by the FCC, and the FCC's continuing campaign of harassment against micropower broadcasters. The A-infos Radio Project has compiled a special report on Tree Radio Berkeley with articles, pictures and eyewitness reports.

Last updated July 28, 1999