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Karen Pickett's Fascist Approach to Contrary Viewpoints

In order to remove herself from movement accountability, Karen Pickett formed Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH), a hierarchical organization Pickett controls and has used for several years to pay herself tens of thousands of dollars from donations given for Headwaters Forest protection efforts. Her work is unnecessary as there are dozens of competent volunteers who would do the insignificant work for which Pickett takes copious credit.

I've known and worked closely with Karen Pickett since the day I hooked up with Earth First in 1985. And I say to you that Karen Pickett is a Movement Thug, predator and parasite. She has scammed money from Julia Butterfly and now is working with Darryl Cherney to rip-off contol of all of the movie rights income for the 14-year Earth First! struggle to save Headwaters Forest.

She has had control of the Direct Action Fund since its inception over a decade ago. I have witnessed and experienced her sabotaging valuable projects by putting people through a bogus bureaucratic ringer from which she exempts the people and projects she faqvors, de facto controlling and obstucting efforts to save wilderness. She sabotaged the only national road show to link Headwaters Forest efforts with Endangered Species Act defenders. She is thus directly responsible for lost ancient forest acreage.

It's time now for the movement to remove her from positions of trust and resource control.

BACH is fiscally sponsored as a non-profit entity thanks to the Berkeley Ecology Center.Instead of freely debating with Bruce Anderson, Jim Martin, Ed Gehrman, Mary Moore and others over the veracity of the case against Mike Sweeney, she chose to rally up a gang of thugs to shut down Anderson's book store discussion of the case. She sent the following racketeering memo to her friends in an effort to shut down Newspaper Editor and Publisher Bruce Anderson's business of communicating the news. Fortunately, her friends didn't go along with this scheme and leaked this memo to Bruce Anderson, which Karen sent out on BACH (hence Berkeley Ecology Center) letterhead, making these organizations culpable for Pickett's plan to attack Bruce Anderson.

Now here's Karen Pickett's subterfuge memo:

Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 15:57:35 -0800
From: Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters
To: gypsygene@aol.com, jdhlax@yahoo.com, intexile@bari.iww.org, fritzing@haas.berkeley.edu, ckeyser@earthlink.net, BrianGaf@aol.com, danielbarron@hotmail.com, loumorgan@earthlink.net, batfish@earthlink.net, dougbev@earthlink.net, pgalvin@sw_center.org, sshull@ecovote.org, ruckus@ruckus.org, hcarlstad@aol.com, kjames_rose@earthlink.net, whisper@energy-net.org, earthslug@yahoo.com, intofocus@hotmail.com, djenni@hotmail.com, chalawu@yahoo.com

Subject: from kp: Judi Bari bombing lie-athon

hey folks,

This is last minute, but hopefully many of you know about this already.

Bruce Anderson and his entourage, including Mary Moore, Irv Sutley and others have been peddling their theories on the bombing (mainly that the ex-husband did it) which might be mildly interesting except that their version includes many many many falsehoods, character assassinations and most importantly, undermining of the lawsuit against the FBI. They say they support the lawsuit, but a big part of their rap includes slandering those carrying out the lawsuit, marketing of the image of Judi with Uzi (i.e, marketing of idea of Judi as terrorist) and spreading the notion that people carrying forth the lawsuit are only in it for the money. This bullshit goes to the extreme in the AVA, because Bruce has total license to lie without refutation there, and on radio and other events. They may start out sounding reasonable, but they are doing great damage and their call for an investigation (which of course we have been calling for all along) is totally insincere since they only have one suspect.

Anyway, after not engaging them for a long time for the sake of avoiding the fight, people have decided to engage. We need people to come to their event at Black Oak Books Thurs. (2/17, 7:30 pm) but we need people to not pack the hall and feign interest, but to boo and hiss when they lie, to LAUGH at them and to support anyone who might offer other viewpoints.

I have gone to one of these and have seen video footage from another, and what happens is those of us who go to confront the lies, even though we were fairly polite through an hour or more of bullcrap, are then marginalized as disrupters when we do speak. It is hardly equal time. We did succeed in making Bruce quite nervous, though, especially when he got the date of the bombing wrong.

There is lots of background to this. It is hard to figure what they are getting out of it except that Bruce is selling papers. Unfortunately I won't have time to talk on the phone before the event. If you can come to be there for Judi, please do, and I'll see you there.

cheers, karen

Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH) Ecology Center
2530 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94702
phone: 510 548 3113
email: bach@igc.org

Last updated May 11, 2000