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Old Timers on Tape!

This will be my favorite section of this web site. This is also the project where your contributions can help the most. We are hoping to have classic video and audio segments archived here by the end of September. This is the Earth First! History and Inspiration section. You will be able to see people like Dave Foreman address the 1989 Round River Rendezvous just after he was released from prison after being arrested in an FBI sting operation. You'll be able to hear a tape accidentally recorded by the FBI agent who set Dave up. You'll be able to see Judi Bari give her first speech as an Earth First! organizer. You'll be able to see Capt. Paul Watson talk about the necessity of sinking ships, and see Dwight Worker give a lesson on exactly how to do that! And you'll be able to reexperience classic Earth First! actions and musical performances from my Eco-videographe archives.

In the mid-eighties I had the first EF! radio program on Gaia. In 1988 I began an intensive project to capture on video EF! actions, interviews and musical performances. Unfortunately, not long after returning from a U.S. video road show for Redwood Summer, I lost everything I owned in the 1991 Oakland, California Firestorm. All of my radio archives and still photographs were destroyed, my books and the John Seed rainforest road show van--all gone. But I was able to save one thing: all but six of my Eco-videographe master tapes. These video tapes were used to make several videos year later and to make the Judi Bari spoken word CD in 1997. Now they are in desperate need of being backed up. These are the only videos of their kind on Earth. This is the most extensive video archive of the Earth First! culture anywhere on the planet. And we need two thousand dollars worth of tape stock to do it right, before the next disaster hits.

So, if you can help with the Eco-videographe archiving project, please send a contribution payable to Earth First! and mention that it is for the video archiving project.

Thank you very much,
Andy Caffrey
Eco-video sab-auteur!

Earth First!
P.O. Box 324
Redway, CA 95560


Welcome to this User-Sponsored web site. As you can see, there's quite a comprehensive design plan underlying it all. There's also some pretty cool stuff already up, lurking, e-wrench in hand, behind many of these links.

But many links go nowhere right now. Like this one. That's where you come in. Is there some aspect of this site you would like to support and see further developed? Well then! Send a contribution payable to Earth First! and tell us what you want more of... More Warrior Poet issues! More on Genetic Engineering actions! More Eco-defense! More road show info!

Of course these donations are sliding scale: no one's preferences or opinions turned away for lack of funds. This is a porous project that will continue to grow. It's only limited by the love and support we get from the users of this site. But please don't spend too much time at this web site. There's a lot of work to do right now out in the fields and forests and corporate board rooms.

So come back soon and see what has sprouted here in this section that seemed of interest to you. And if you can, please send a contribution and a note to:

Earth First!
P.O. Box 324
Redway, CA 95560

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