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Internet discussion and information lists

Earth First! Alert!

A moderated list for activists to either post alerts and announcements to folks who are eager to support Earth First! projects in a variety of regions, or to stay informed of various priorities which develop among a variety of Earth First! and sympatico groups around the globe.

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Earth First! Biotech

News and research reports of interest to activists opposed to genetic engineering and related issues. Press releases and action alerts are posted as well.

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Julia Butterfly Net

This is a list for forest activists to discuss the implications for the conservation movement of the deal Julia Butterfly Hill made with the MAXXAM corporation, in the name of Earth First!, to buy essentially one tree in an ancient forest for $50,000. Strong opinions on either side, as well as moderating voices are welcome. This list was started by a member of Julia's support team during her first year in Luna. We will also do our best to keep subscribers informed of any and all news that pertains to Julia, her speaking engagements, calls for action, etc.

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Judi Bari Bombing

Who bombed Earth First! Redwood Summer organizer Judi Bari in 1990? Discuss old and new evidence, join the call for a federal/Grand Jury investigation. Stand up against anti-enviro violence in the U.S. List founded by longtime Bari friend and fellow Headwaters Forest organizer Andy Caffrey and Hayduke Rocks!.

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Climate Crisis Action

This list attempts to bring together the best information posted anywhere on the Internet that pertains to the climate destabilization crisis created by industrial society. This list is a way for the average concerned citizen to keep up on breaking news and scientific reports. It is especially designed to be useful to students and those ready to jump into community organizing projects to avert climate catastrophe.

The most important aspect of this list is to provide a forum for discussion of the crisis and what activists should do about it NOW! It is not designed to convince those who don't believe what science has shown: that climate destabilization has been brought about by fossil-fuel combustion and deforestation in industrialized societies. It is sponsored by Climate Action NOW! and is the organizing list for those who want to work on the Earth Day 2001 International Day of Action Against the Automobile.

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Earth First! Talk

While Wise Use disrupters will be filtered out of this list, any genuine views or critiques of activities and groups, campaigns and the behavior of control freaks and exploiters of Earth First! will be welcome. But they might be attacked too!!!! So be forewarned!

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Sea Mammals

For sea mammal protection, a list for folks who want to save ocean mammals, but who don't want to break treaties to do it.

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Other lists you might want to check out:

  • Stop the Killing of the Gray Whale The best way to stay informed of actions surrounding the Makah whale hunt.

  • Frankentrees As part of its newly launched program against the genetic engineering of trees, the Native Forest Network has established an informational listserve on the topic. NFN will post informative articles and reports and hope that others on the list will do the same. The 8-page NFN report on GE trees is available in PDF format on the NFN website: http://www.nativeforest.org

    To subscribe to this listserve write:

  • Stumps Don't Lie is a forest activists list sponsored by the Native Forest Council. To subscribe write a note to:

  • Hayduke Rocks! recommends: /RENEGADE/ - "A newsletter of Witness, Conscience, and Activism" - an "electronic news service" of sorts - a resource of articles from various sources, with an activist focus on the environment, human rights, sustainability, and corporate accountability...

Welcome to this User-Sponsored web site. As you can see, there's quite a comprehensive design plan underlying it all. There's also some pretty cool stuff already up, lurking, e-wrench in hand, behind many of these links.

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Of course these donations are sliding scale: no one's preferences or opinions turned away for lack of funds. This is a porous project that will continue to grow. It's only limited by the love and support we get from the users of this site. But please don't spend too much time at this web site. There's a lot of work to do right now out in the fields and forests and corporate board rooms.

So come back soon and see what has sprouted here in this section that seemed of interest to you. And if you can, please send a contribution and a note to:

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