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Climate Action NOW!
  • Earth Day 2001 in Detroit! - The planet and its people need you to come to Detroit, Michigan next Earth Day week. Help bring Seattle-style direct actions to the heart of the automobile industry and send the message: NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL: Stop the destabilization of the Earth's climate systems! RETOOL NOW! No more SUVs! No more cars that get less than 70mpg to be built from here on out! It's time for a concerted, emergency "Peace Effort" to convert civilization's economic infrastructure away from fossil fuels as fast as possible. The nations of the world are under attack. But instead of a foreign nation the attack is from our own inefficient, industrialized, economic systems!
  • Strategy and vision statement for Detroit Earth Day 2001
  • More information on Detroit 2001

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  • Impending Crisis - Background on the climate crisis that is rearing it's monstrous head in our lives.
  • Climate Action NOW! Mission Statement
  • Citizens Mandate for Climate Stabilization and Community Well Being - A conversion plan that meets the magnitude of the climate crisis. As radical as reality requires from us. 
  • A Change in the Wind... Climate Change and Human Trauma by Andy Caffrey 
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  • Climate Crisis Journal - Continually updated with the lastest news. 
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  • Climate Action NOW!
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    Are we doing enough to save the earth? How much would it cost to rebuild our entire civilization? Is this the ecological deficit we are leaving for our children?

    The quantities of Greenhouse Gases, such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane and CFCs, which have already been produced by industrial societies is at a level which has triggered the comings and goings of Earth's Ice Ages during the last million years. Recent discoveries in the geological record reveal that transitions into and out of ice ages are marked by cataclysmic changes in climate conditions and sea levels. We can not depend upon gradual climate changes or sea level variations to which we can accomodate ourselves during a Greenhouse Century. 120,000 years ago, conditions were very similar to what they are now, when the last ice age began. Earth suddenly lurched into what scientists refer to as the Madhouse Century, the transition period into the Ice Age. During the Madhouse Century sea levels abruptly rose 20 feet from where they are now, and then plummeted fifty feet, all in one hundred years. 

    The magnitude of the climate crisis requires nothing less than an all-out emergency effort to convert western economies away from fossil fuel dependence. To build a truly sustainable economy and eliminate human interference with global climate cycles, the Climate Action NOW! will present a wide range of resource access for activists, educators and journalists, and opportunities for personal involvement in what must become one of the greatest mobilization efforts in human history. 

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