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Anti-EF! "Wise Use" Hate Campaigns & Spys!

The Murder of David Chain (September 17, 1998) and other anti-enviro Humboldt County Hate Crimes

  • "SET POOR LOGGER FREE!" announces Humboldt County District Attorney Terry Farmer. Collusive D.A. announces that Humboldt County will NOT file charges against logger A.E. Ammons, the man who killed David Chain. Farmer will not file charges against witnessing Earth First!ers either. Earth First! Media Center calls for the immediate resignation of Humboldt County District Attorney Terry Farmer for malicious and dangerous incompetence. (December 17, 1998)
  • OUTRAGEOUS, HIDEOUS HUMBOLDT SHERIFF'S DEPT. RECOMMENDATION: "CHARGE ACTIVISTS WITH MANSLAUGHTER!" The Humboldt County Sheriff's official recommendation had been to charge the Earth First! activists who witnessed David Chain's death with the involuntary manslaughter of David Chain! They recommended that no charges be brought against the Killer Logger A.E. Ammons. David Chain's mother Cindy Allsbrooks describes here her meeting with Detective Juan Freeman. (October 22, 1998)
  • Click HERE to read all about the outrageous circumstances surrounding David "Gypsy" Chain's death. (September 17, 1998)
  • Susan Moloney, Headwaters Forest organizer and support guide for Julia Butterfly's ground crew, became a victim of unrestrained anti-enviro hate crimes, overtly-supported by Humboldt County officials, when a crazed mob demolished her car with their clubs and crowbars in two separate smashing frenzies. The enraged mob then, with a truck, pushed her car over an embankment, crushing its roof; all as she sat defenseless, watching the headlight-illuminated scene, from up in a 160-foot tall tree with another anti-Maxxam treesitter and his sister who had travelled to California to be with him up in the tree for the Christmas holiday. The sitter himself, local land owner Nate Madsen, has been sitting alone in the tree for three months. The violence-ridden Humboldt County sheriffs want this case to be considered a mere incidence of vandalism and are investigating it as such. But this is a HATE CRIME and should be investigated bt the state and federal governments as part of a Hate Crimes investigation of Humboldt County. Please call Humboldt County D.A. Terry Farmer and the California and U.S. Attorney Generals offices and demand such an investigation NOW, before someone else is murdered! Check our address book for contact info. (December 27, 1998)

  • CLEAR, Environmental Working Group's Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research, tracks the industry-supported backlash against the environmental movement. Anti-environmental activists, who often call themselves the "Wise Use" Movement, seek to roll back or weaken laws that protect wildlife, habitat, and public lands, as well as health and safety standards for our water, food and air.
  • At Paul Mobbs' site: The Data Centre's The Environmental Backlash section Links and references

  • Western States Center's Wise Use Public Exposure Project: We believe that there can be both jobs and a healthy environment. Our Wise Use Public Exposure Project provides research and organizing assistance to help unite working people and environmentalists so they can advocate for a common goal: sustainable economic development that promotes jobs while protecting the environment.

    Western States Center also operates an anti-violence initiative for public employees and activists who face harassment and violence as a result of their work on natural resource or environmental issues. Persons with knowledge of such incidents are encouraged to call us at 503-228-8859.

Last updated May 10, 2000